Shark Tank Success: Discover How Rebel Cheese is Revolutionizing Vegan Eats in Texas

January 10, 2024

Veganism in the Media

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Welcome to, where we proudly champion the vegan lifestyle in the Lone Star State! Today, we’re thrilled to dive into a story that’s close to our hearts – the remarkable journey of Austin-based Rebel Cheese on the hit TV show Shark Tank. As a vegan-friendly community, we are always excited to share successes within our niche, and this tale is one of inspiration, determination, and delicious vegan cheese!

The Rise of Veganism in Texas

Texas, traditionally known for its barbecues and steakhouses, is witnessing a delightful vegan revolution. Cities like Austin are at the forefront of this change, creating a vibrant scene for vegans and foodies alike. This shift isn’t just about food; it’s a lifestyle movement driven by a growing awareness of health, environmental, and ethical concerns.

Spotlight on Rebel Cheese

Enter Rebel Cheese, an Austin gem that’s redefining the vegan culinary experience. Founded by Kirsten Maitland and Fred Zwar, this local company specializes in artisanal, plant-based cheeses that are as sumptuous as they are sustainable. Their commitment to quality and flavor has made them a beloved name among Texas vegans.

A Dream Pitch on Shark Tank

Rebel Cheese’s big moment came when they appeared on Shark Tank in December 2023. Their pitch, detailed in articles from CNBC and KVUE, was not just about selling a product; it was about sharing a vision for a healthier, kinder world. This resonated deeply with Sharks Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, leading to a groundbreaking deal that put Rebel Cheese on the national map.

Why Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner Invested

Mark Cuban, known for his savvy business acumen, and Lori Greiner, the “Queen of QVC,” saw something special in Rebel Cheese. Cuban, in particular, broke his usual negotiation rule, a testament to his belief in the product and its potential. Their investment is a significant vote of confidence in the future of veganism and its market viability.

The Impact of the Shark Tank Appearance

The exposure from Shark Tank catapulted Rebel Cheese into the limelight. As reported by Shark Tank Success, this appearance not only boosted their sales but also put veganism in the spotlight. It’s a clear sign that vegan products are not just niche but have mainstream appeal.

The Experience at Rebel Cheese

Visiting Rebel Cheese is a delightful experience for any food lover. Their range of vegan cheeses, from rich and creamy to sharp and tangy, can impress even the most skeptical of cheese aficionados. But Rebel Cheese is more than just a cheese shop; it’s a community hub where people can learn about and enjoy vegan living.

The Future of Veganism in Texas

The success of Rebel Cheese on Shark Tank is a milestone for Texas vegans. It signifies a broader acceptance and curiosity about veganism in a state rich in traditional food culture. This is just the beginning, as more local businesses are inspired to explore plant-based avenues.

Rebel Cheese’s journey on Shark Tank is a beacon of hope and inspiration for vegans in Texas and beyond. It shows that with passion, innovation, and a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit, vegan businesses can thrive and make a substantial impact. At, we’re excited to continue sharing such inspiring stories and promoting the vegan lifestyle across Texas.

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of Rebel Cheese and look forward to a future where veganism is not just a choice but a mainstream way of life in Texas. Remember, every bite of plant-based goodness is a step towards a healthier, more compassionate world.

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